The new SPECTRO xSORT is a portable X-ray fluorescent energy spectrometer for elemental analysis and metal classification without destructive control.

   It is ideal for the fastest and most detailed analysis of all the elements contained in jewelry of precious metals, making it a necessary tool for the purchase and recycling of jewelry.

   It uses innovative systems for stimulation and detection that form the basis for achieving unique levels of accuracy, speed and safety.

   Only with SPECTRO xSORT it is possible to achieve results of equivalent laboratory models up to 41 elements from Mg to Th with a single analysis whose cycle lasts only 2 seconds.
Only 10 seconds are needed to sort aluminum and magnesium alloys. During this process, elements such as Al, Mg, Si and P are measured in atmospheric conditions without the need for additional complex techniques such as argon to create idle atmospheric conditions or vacuum systems, clearly simplifying its operation and portability.

   The machine has a rechargeable battery and a specially designed carrying case.

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